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Two of the three speakers for the 2019 Biofuels Forum (Thursday, October 17) have been confirmed.

Joe Jobe has accepted our invitation to be one of the presenters for the biofuels forum. Joe is the current President and Founder of consulting firm Rock House Advisors and is the former CEO of National Biodiesel Board. He will be speaking on the similarities and differences of renewable diesel and biodiesel and where the biomass based diesel industry is heading in the future and the impacts on oils and greases markets. Joe is a very good public speaker and his keynote addresses at NBB functions are legendary. 
Greg Staiti, JD is a partner with Weaver and serves in the Energy Compliance Division. Greg is Weaver’s LCFS expert and will speak on the West Coast LCFS market and its impact on fats, oils and greases markets going forward as programs expand from California into neighboring states.