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2022 AFOA Annual Meeting Speakers

Wednesday, Oct. 12 Session Speakers

Dana Johnson Downing, North American Renderers Association

       Topic: Leaning into the Rendering Industry’s Sustainability Credentials

Ryan Standard, FastMarkets

Topic:  Shifting Tradeflows: How Renewable Demand Has Altered the Trading Landscape

. Kent Woods, CrushTraders

Topic:  Industry Growth: What’s Next?  Projecting and navigating the Challenges of (Veg Oil) Industry Growth


 Kristof Reiter, Reiter Trading • Consulting • Software/Route Simplified

8:55 – 9:15 am Keeping Up with the Changing Regulatory Environment of Used Cooking Oil

. Jason Cope, PowerPollen

9:55 – 10: 15 am.  Preserved Pollen and On-Demand Pollination enables specific genetics and traits to be delivered through pollen in corn and other crops

Dani Charles, Saint Paul Commodities/Veriflux

10:55 – 11:15 am    Using Technology and Data to Address Feedstock Traceability and Compliance Challenges

Keynote Speaker on Wednesday, Oct. 12

Thursday, Oct. 13 Session Speakers

. Michael Bell, Weaver LLP

Topic: Regulatory Landscape Changes including discussion of RFS 2023 and beyond – recent and pending changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard

speakers: Erin Alves, Scott Frederick

moderator: Joe Arko

Erin Alves



Scott Frederick 


Joe Arko


Topic:  Transportation/Supply Chain Strategies


speakers: Kent Swisher, John Cusick, and Mac Marshall

moderator: Louise Burke

Mac Marshall

John Cusick

Kent Swisher

Topic:  What’s the Next Normal? Biomass-Based Diesel Panel

As the globe strives to decarbonize, Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation fuel are emerging as leading alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the distillate heavy transportation segment. Our panel will discuss the current industry, pending growth opportunities and supply chain sustainability.



. Ryan Loe, MBP Solutions USA LLC

9:30 – 9:50 am

Identifying applications for the by-products. This presentation will cover how to approach by-products using the Moerman Ladder for identifying the most profitable outlets.