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Showcase your company at the 2024 annual meeting with a sponsorship

Why be a 2024 sponsor?

Sponsorships are one of the best ways to put your company in the spotlight at the AFOA Annual Meeting. By sponsoring a session, meal, reception, or another element of the Annual Meeting, you not only demonstrate your support for the AFOA and the industry but also gain significant visibility among industry leaders and peers.

Enhanced Visibility

Sponsoring an event at the AFOA Annual Meeting ensures that your company is featured in front of all attendees. Whether it’s during a keynote session, a meal, or a social reception, your brand will be seen by key decision-makers and players in the industry.

Tailored Recognition

The AFOA staff works closely with sponsors to ensure that they receive the recognition they invested in.  This means your company will be highligted in promotional materials, event signage, and announcements, maximizing your exposure.

Support for the Industry

By engaging with a sponsorship, you are supporting the growth and development of the fats and oils industry.  This not only demonstrates your company’s committment to the sector but also positions you as a leader who is invested in the industry’s future.

Support for the Industry

Aligning your organization with the AFOA and its Annual Meeting enhances your company’s reputation in the industry.  Attendees will associate your company with the professionalism of the AFOA, fostering positive perceptions and trust.

Submit your questions regarding 2024 sponsorship opportunities here. Please include your email address and phone number!