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The AFOA is dedicated to constantly updating and informing our members of news in the industry. We work to improve trade relations in the fats and oils industry around the world.

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Member benefits include access to AFOA Trading Rules, our extensive member list, discounts on annual events and up-to-date information and news in the industry.

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The initial membership fee allows your company the option of one primary location and three members, and provides a significant discount on the annual meeting fees.

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For multiple locations, or more than three members, that would like to take advantage of AFOA Member Benefits and membership, you will have the opportunity to attach additional information and contacts.


AFOA American Fats and Oils Association

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The application fee includes one primary business location and three members. If you would like to add multiple locations or if you have more than three members that would like to take advantage of AFOA membership, you will have the opportunity to attach additional information and contacts.

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AFOA Officers

John Reynolds


Agri Trading Corporation

Brian Owens

First Vice President

Stratas Foods

Chris Peterson

Second Vice President


Dave Mack


CHS, Inc. 

Alan Thompson


Twin Rivers Technologies

Dave Elsenbast

Immediate Past President

AgriBio Commodities, LLC


Board of Directors

  • Kevin Baker — Valley Proteins,Inc.
  • Michael Carlson — Sanimax Marketing, Limited
  • Panos (Pano)​ Giannoulis  — Stolt Tankers USA, Inc. 

  • Jessica Hecht — MPB Commodities Brokerage Company
  • Changjian Ji — Cargill, Inc. 
  • Rob Jones 
  • Mitch Kilanowski — Darling Ingredients Inc.
  • Chuck Malone — Tyson Foods, Inc. 
  • Bill McBee —  Consolidated Grain & Barge Co.
  • Brandon Mortensen — BNSF Railway Company
  • Paul Nees – Renewable Energy Group
  • Justin Nielsen — Veracity Edible Oil Solutions (VEOS)
  • Stephen Osburn — ADM
  • Scott Peterson — Odin Marine Group, LLC
  • Anne Pfau — Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc.
  • Matt Reiner — POET Nutrition
  • Jay Van Valen — JST Global


Honorary Directors

  • David Haselschwerdt — Sunbelt Commodities, Inc. 
  • Rick Hegenberger — Gersony-Strauss Company, Inc.
  • Albert Mogerley — Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation*
  • Liam Rogers — Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation
  • David Rothschild — MBM Company*
  • Nick Sander — American Commodities Brokerage Co.
  • Bill Simeral
  • Ralph Joel – Somar- Universal Tanker Chartering, Inc.



Committee Members

Animal Protein Committee

  • Michael Carlson (Sanimax Markeing, Limited), Animal Protein Chair
  • John Messerich (The Scoular Company),Animal Protein Committee
  • Paul Guzman (Fornazor International, Inc.), Animal Protein Committee
  • Curt Hart (Cargill, Inc.), Animal Protein Committee
  • Tyler Hagenow (Sanimax Markeing, Limited), Animal Protein Committee
  • Rob Jones (West Coast Reduction Ltd.), Animal Protein Committee
  • Kiah Gardner (Tyson Foods) , Animal Protein Committee
  • Kevin Sinnott (Fornazor International, Inc.), Animal Protein Committee
  • Grant Saar (West Coast Reduction Ltd.) Animal Protein Committee

Vegetable Oil Committee

  • Stephen Osburn (ADM), Vegetable Oil Chair

Arbitrations Committee

  • Rob Jones, Arbitrations Committee Chair

Biofuels Committee

  • Chris Peterson (HERO BX), Biofuels Committee Chair
  • Paul Nees (Renewable Energy Group (REG))

Membership Committee

  • Anne Pfau (Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc.), Membership Committee Chair
  • Rob Jones (West Coast Reduction Ltd.), Membership Committee
  • John Healy (Columbus Vegetable Oils), Membership Committee

Nominating Committee

  • Kiah Gardner (Tyson Foods), Nominating Committee Chair
  • David Haselschwert (Sunbelt Commodities, Inc.), Nominating Committee
  • Anne Pfau (Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co. Inc. ), Nominating Committee
  • Brian Owens (Stratas Foods, LLC), Nominating Committee

Tallow Committee

  • Mitch Kilanowski (Darling Ingredients), Tallow Committee Chair, Animal Protein Committee & Tallow Committee
  • Robert Bestgen (Tyson Foods),Tallow Committee
  • Kevin Baker (Valley Proteins, Inc.),Tallow Committee
  • Michael Cox (Emery Oleochemicals),Tallow Committee
  • Lonnie James (Gersony-Strauss Company, Inc.),Tallow Committee
  • Jeff Peeler (Jacob Stern & Sons),Tallow Committee
  • Michael Sanchez (Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc.)Tallow Committee
  • Hal Pisciotta ( The Procter & Gamble Co.)Tallow Committee
  • Joe Weiss (Stolt- Nielsen USA, Inc.)Tallow Committee
  • Neal Worpel (Cargill, Inc.)Tallow Committee
  • Rob Jones (West Coast Reduction Ltd.), Animal Protein Committee & Tallow Committee
  • Tommy Mann (Darling ingredient), Animal Protein Committee & Tallow Committee

Transportation Committee

  • Liam Rogers (Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation), Transportation Committee Chair
  • Brandon Mortensen (BNSF Railway Company), Transportation Committee
  • Greg Dooley (Stolt-Nielsen USA, Inc.), Transportation Committee

Vegetable Oils Committee

  • Stephen Osburn,  Vegetable Oil Chair
  • David Nadasi (American Commodities Brokerage Co.), Veg Oils Committee
  • Ernest Webb (NETCO), Veg Oils Committee)

Program Committee

  • Brian Owens (Stratas Foods), Program Committee Chair
  • Dave Haselschwerdt, (Sunbelt Commodities, Inc.), Program Committee
  • John Healy, (Columbus Vegetable Oils), Program Committee
  • Doug Lenhart, (Renewable Energy Group (REG)), Program Committee
  • Justin Nielsen, (Veracity Edible Oil Solutions (VEOS), Program Committee
  • Brian Shultz, (MPB Commodities Brokerage, Inc.), Program Committee



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Leigh Wickersham

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