(803) 252-7128 afoa@fatsandoils.org
Due to the annual meeting being presented virtually, the election is being presented electronically.  Ballots have been sent to the primarly contact for each company member.

The Nominating Committee, composed of Kiah Gardner, Chairman, David Haselschwerdt, Anne Pfau and Brian Owens submitted the following slate of candidates for Officers and Directors for 2021.

President John Reynolds

1st Vice President Brian Owens

2nd Vice President Chris Peterson 

Treasurer Dave Mack

Secretary Alan Thompson  

The following have been nominated as Directors for a three (3) year term ending 2023:*

Kevin Baker

Pano Giannoulis

Changjian Ji

Chuck Malone

Justin Nielsen

Dave Elsenbast (Immediate Past President)

*All have agreed to serve if elected

We are asking that each primary member vote/respond to the survey ballot that was emailed several weeks ago before or by noon EST on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.