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According to long time member Mitch Kilanowski, “Great job (yesterday)! I was blown away by content and how smooth it ran.”  John Healy, General Manager at Columbus Vegetable Oils added, “That was fantastic!  Very impressive.  I can’t say enough.”

The CEO, Executive Producer, Editor in Chief, of the Foodable Network, who produced the AFOA virtual event said, “The program went off great! Really positive engagement, and I was surprised at the 97% attendance rate that is pretty much unheard of – typical virtual events range at about 55% on the good side to 70% on the great.”

Leela Landress Perez, Editorial Director for Oleochem Analytics, added “I wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend the virtual conference. It really was the best format on virtual conferences that I have seen yet. Flawless.”

Speaker Ron Lawson said “this is the best format of a “zoom” meeting I have seen over the past 7 months!”

“Member feedback is still coming in, and we look forward to learning more about what members and attendees liked and didn’t like.  We’ll take all the input and use it to help us create an even better meeting next year,” according to Executive Director Leigh Wickersham.

The event is available on demand for the next 30-days.  If you registered and attended, you will receive an email with the link for accessing the program.  You’ll need the password that you set up when you registerd, and you’ll only be able to access it from your email address.  The powerpoint(s)/slide deck(s) for each speaker who used them are available on the AFOA website: https://fatsandoils.org/2020-afoa-presentations/

If you missed the event but have an interest in seeing it, you may register and gain immediate access.  Register here: https://virtual.foodable.io/american-fats-oils-association-2020-annual-meeting

Thank you once again to our 23 sponsors who helped us afford to make this meeting happen!