(803) 252-7128 afoa@fatsandoils.org

The AFOA understands how important it is to meet with colleagues and clients while at the Annual Meeting.  To help you in making those plans, a list of those registered (for 2019) is available on the AFOA website and is updated weekly.  Please check the list often to ensure that your information is listed correctly there.

Also, the AFOA will host a member lounge during that 2019 meeting in October.  This will be a place you are welcome to use for meetings. Ask your colleagues to MEET YOU THERE — in the Member Lounge.

Also, there’s a 2018 AFOA Annual Meeting Attendee list on the website for reference.

To make updates, corrections or even suggestions, contact AFOA staff at afoa@fatsandoils.org or by calling 803-252-7128.  We are interested in making the AFOA Annual Meeting all that YOU NEED IT TO BE!