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Sponsorships are Invaluable

Sponsorships are Invaluable

The AFOA wishes to recognize and thank those who provided their support in keeping attendees costs low by providing sponsorships.  Thanks to the AFOA Sponsors, the AFOA has only raised its registration fees by $50 one time in 10 years!

Attn: New Members and First Time Attendees

Tip, Suggestions and Invitation for New Members & First Time Attendees attending the American Fats and Oils Association Annual Meeting   Welcome! We are excited that you will be joining us for the 2019 American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA) Annual Meeting....

Kevin Knop Joins American Commodities

American Commodities announced on September 3, 2019 that Kevin Knop joined its team. As one of the most respected talents in the refined oils industry, Kevin brings with him 37 years of experience in both domestic and export markets from his time at Archer Daniel...