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The Department of Homeland Security identifies and regulates high-risk chemical facilities through the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program. The CFATS program prevents the misuse of certain Chemicals of Interest (COI) at America’s high-risk chemical facilities for use in a terrorist act on the homeland through the systematic regulation, inspection, and enforcement of chemical infrastructure security requirements. The CFATS rule establishes risk-based performance standards for the security of the Nation’s chemical facilities that include oil refineries, chemical manufacturers and distributors, semiconductor fabrication sites, agricultural retailers, colleges and universities, and food processing plants.  It requires covered chemical facilities to prepare Security Vulnerability Assessments, which identify facility security vulnerabilities, and to develop and implement Site Security Plans.  For more information about the CFATS program, please consult:

o   DHS’s website on CFATS, available at http://www.dhs.gov/critical-infrastructure-chemical-security that includes additional information on the program and how you can become involved;

o   CFATS Help Desk, which provides timely support to chemical facility owners and operators (866-323-2957; csat@hq.dhs.gov);

o   CFATS Tip Line, for anonymous chemical facility security reporting, including reporting CFATS violations (877-394-4347; 1-877-FYI-4DHS);

o   CFATS Knowledge Center, an online source for Frequently Asked Questions, articles, and documents relating to CFATS, which can be found at http://csat-help.dhs.gov;  and

o   Chemical Security Inspectors and other DHS subject matter experts who are available to provide guidance to facilities and organizations through compliance assistance visits, outreach meetings, calls, and other engagements. Should any of your members wish to talk with one of our DHS Chemical Security Inspectors or schedule a presentation, please have them email CFATS@hq.dhs.gov.

In addition to the above resources, below you will find several links for free voluntary resources that DHS offers. The first one is to the business continuity suite which can be useful tool for small to medium size businesses.


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