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Coming to 2023:

Map of AFOA Meeting Space


Take advantage of our complimentary and conveniently located meeting spaces on the 4th floor of the Grand Hyatt, where all AFOA meetings will be held.  Food and beverages will be provided each day to allow you to host your individual meetings over coffee, breakfast, and after lunch.


Also, we set aside Wednesday morning as a “Morning for Your Meetings.”  There will be no AFOA programming at this time but breakfast will be served.  All AFOA meeting space will be open and available for attendees to host individual meetings.



Expand your network beyond the sessions: Plan now to connect with colleagues and customers in the AFOA meeting space.

Let us know which meals you plan to enjoy with us!

Please indicate which meals you will be enjoying with us:
Please note that spouses are invited to the Wednesday Night Gala only.
Help us reduce food waste: If you know that you will not be dining with us at any or all of the following, please let us know. Click the meals below that you will NOT be attending.