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In reaction to newer products and solutions available to help address our ever-changing industry, the AFOA is trying something new at this year’s annual meeting: a Solution Showcase.  See the drafted agenda for an outline of presentation times and tabletop representation.  Based on available space and time, a committee will select from member companies that apply and pay a corresponding fee (to be paid after selected).  The more the presentation is provided in an educational format (versus sales pitch) the better chance of being selected.

Presentation proposals should be submitted to afoa@fatsandoils.org by July 15 with subject line: AFOA Solution Showcase Proposal.

This is something new and experimental.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as selections will be chosen based on what is submitted and what the committee believes will provide the best mix of options and information.  Those providing the presentation and representing the companies will need to register as an attendee of the meeting.  The fee of $2,500 to present will be treated as a Solution Showcase Sponsor.

  • 20-minute presentation and one tabletop for material presentation
  • Submit a written proposal on what will be presented (20-minute presentation) to afoa@fatsandoils.org by July 15th with subject line: AFOA Solution Showcase Proposal
  • Who will be making the presentation and include their contact information
  • Audio/visual equipment that will be needed to accompany the presentation