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(Los Angeles, California, 24 December 2021)

In their cooperation with a US based industry with biological by-products MBP Solutions has generated added value in excess of $4M and eliminated emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

MBP Solutions’ unique OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) service has many advantages, one of the most powerful is that the combination of the long perspective in combination with the aligned interests creates a powerful driver for value adding. These days we are celebrating the results of several years of development work. An OMBP customer in the USA, a manufacturer with a low dry-matter by-product from his biological production had for years been disposing of the by-product. As disposal continued to become more expensive and as sustainability targets from HQ demanded reduction in disposal, MBP was able to deliver. Through dedicated and persistent work on testing, trials, dialogue with experts, universities, and authorities, filing of applications, dialogue with customers and equipment manufacturers we are now able to start taking the by-product for a soil improvement application after appropriate testing. The by-product has received an official state approval as a fertilizer.

The change from disposal to fertilizer has the potential to reduce costs by more than $4 million per year, as well as avoiding the methane emissions from the anaerobic rotting of the organic material. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and reducing emissions from disposal by diverting organic material is a valuable contribution to our common goal of mitigating climate change. All in all there is much to celebrate.

This week, we collected the first truckload of this by-product and spread as fertilizer.


MBP Solutions’ unique OMBP service allows industries with biological by-products to outsource the management of their by-products. The service has a long-term perspective that unlocks value through product and market development by skilled and specialised employees. MBP Solutions is managing by-products under the OMBP service in four different continents with a high customer satisfaction and a Net Promotor Score of 64.71, meaning the majority of OMBP customers are enthusiastic, loyal and would highly recommend MBP Solutions.


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