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Targray’s latest biodiesel supply points address the growing demand for renewable fuels in Oregon and neighboring states.

Portland, Oregon, March 9, 2023 – Targray, a leading international supplier of renewable fuels and feedstock, has announced today the opening of two new biodiesel terminals in the state of Oregon.


Located in Portland and Eugene respectively, the new terminals are strategically positioned to ease supply concerns for wholesale fuel distributors, retailers and refineries in the state which has a mandatory 5% biodiesel blending requirement in place to help curb emissions and transition towards clean energy in the fight against climate change.


Like the LCFS program in California, the Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP) is a law regulated by the state which requires a 10% reduction in transportation fuel carbon intensity over a 10-year period in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation fuels sector below 2015 levels by 2025.


About Targray Biofuels

Supported by a dedicated rail fleet and a terminal network spanning the United States, Targray is committed to providing turnkey biodiesel supply solutions that enable fuel refineries, retailers, distributors, jobbers and fleet operators to achieve greater profitability while helping create a more sustainable economy for future generations.

Targray is one of the largest and fastest-growing suppliers of renewable fuels and feedstock in North America. The company’s innovative biodiesel solutions are offered at terminals throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and the Upper Midwest.

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